Wednesday, January 3, 2018

For TpT Sellers

This December I made it my goal to finally get my Teachers Pay Teachers Seller Information organized.  I've been a TpT Seller since 2011 so I figured it was about time for me to get organized!

I put together a one-inch binder with all the information I need and use all the time.  Here is a look into my binder...

TwT stands for Teaching with Terhune!

Everything I need is in this binder!

Each section in my binder has a cover page with a tab attached so I can easily find and access the information.

This section of my binder is for my product information.  I have my products listed with columns to indicate when I've updated the product, promoted the product, blogged about it, and shared it in my notes to followers on TpT.  I simply write the date in each column when I've done one of the steps.

Here I have a step-by-step list on what it takes to complete a product.  This really helps me so I don't forget to do something!

I am trying to get better about blogging.  My goal is to do at least one blog post a week.  I've included the beginning date of each week on this form.  Hopefully this will keep me on track with blogging.

I've just started sending out a newsletter/note to followers to my TpT followers.  This form helps me keep track of when I send one out and what information I've included in it so I don't repeat myself each month.

This next part in my binder helps me track all the TpT sale dates (like the Back to School Sale, Bonus Sales, etc.) and monitor how I did during those sales.

I've just started to keep track of my followers.  This form will help me see if I have gained any followers over the months.


I've made it my goal to try to work more on my TpT stuff on a regular basis.  This form with help keep me accountable for the new products and updated products I've worked on that month.  Hopefully this will push me to do more each and every month.

 On this page I will keep track of my total sales and total earnings for each month.

 This page helps me quickly see how my sells have done each year.

I've also included all the information in my binder to help me when I do my payroll each month.  I have a step-by-step guide on what I need to do when paying my state and federal taxes, unemployment taxes, and all that other fun stuff.

I also include a monthly list of things I need to make sure I do for business stuff, payroll, etc.

The last page in my binder has a compiled list of all my login information for all the different sites I use.

Finally, I have some Excel spreadsheets on my computer that keep the information for my expenses and mileage for each year. I use Excel for those documents so it can easily keep track of the totals for me.  That way I don't have to add all those numbers together at the end of the year!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fact Fluency Practice {Updated}

A couple years ago I started to use the TouchMath program to help teach my students how to add and subtract.  I must say I LOVE TouchMath!  It has made a HUGE difference with my student’s math fact fluency.  I no longer have students adding and subtracting with their fingers!

Once my students get the hang of adding and subtracting using TouchMath, I have them start working on their fact fluency.  I want them to be able to recall their facts quickly, accurately, and effortlessly without having to use the dots anymore. 

This year I made printable addition and subtraction flashcards for my students to practice their math facts with.  They have the dots on them in case they need them, but their goal is to work towards knowing their facts without having to use them. I give each one of my students their own set of flashcards after we learn the + or – fact.  
I run each + or – fact on a different color paper.  

The students continue to add to their flashcards as we learn more + or - facts.

The flashcards are a perfect activity for the students to do when they finish their work early and/or have some free time during class.  The flashcards even have the answers on the back, so the students can check their answer quickly as they are practicing. 

As the students practice their flashcards they can separate their cards into two piles: “Facts I Know” and “Facts I Need to Learn.”  

I also send a copy of the flashcards home with my students as homework.  I have a letter that I send home with the flashcards explaining to parents what math fact fluency is, why it’s important, and how they can help their child at home.  Not only do I send home the flashcards, but I also provide a handout with other ideas on how they can help their child practice at home.

During math center time my students also practice their fact fluency.  One out of my eight math centers always has an activity that practices fact fluency.  One of the activities I place at this center is of course flashcards!  My students love to make up games and challenges using the flashcards.  Their favorite is to race to see who can solve the problem first.  The person who solves the problem the fastest gets the card.  They love seeing how many cards they can get. 
I also like to change up the flashcards.  I have a set with the math problem written vertically and a set with the math problem written horizontally. 

Click HERE to download my Addition Flashcards with Touch Points from my TpT Store!

Click HERE to download my Subtraction Flashcards with Touch Points from my TpT Store!


For a whole-group activity I have "digital" flashcards we go through that I pull up in PowerPoint and display on my Smartboard.  This is a great student-led activity!  Need to get something done real quick in your classroom or talk to another teacher?  This activity keeps your students busy and learning during that time!  Simply pick a student helper to click through each slide while the class answers each problem! 

You can use these digital flashcards many ways in your classroom!  Use as part of your math lesson, as whole group practice, at a math center, during computer lab time, etc.

Here is a look at what the slides look like...

Each math problem is written vertically and horizontally.

When you click "Enter" in PowerPoint the answers appear in red so the students can easily check their answers!


 Not only do I have the digital flashcards in addition, but subtraction too!



To shuffle your flashcards, simply just move the slides around in PowerPoint!

Click HERE to download my Digital Addition Flashcards with Touch Points from my TpT Store!

Click HERE to download my Digital Subtraction Flashcards with Touch Points from my TpT Store!